About Us

LINFORD REALTY- is a boutique personal service real estate business operated by the Principals:



1.Is integrity important to you?

2.Do you want an HONEST Appraisal of the market price for your property?

3.Do you think that general business experience and qualifications are important when choosing a real estate agent?

4.Do you need a good negotiator to sell your property?

5.Can the salesperson you are dealing with put themselves in your shoes?
How many properties have they owned and sold?

6.Are you happy with the way your investment property is managed ?
Why not try our professional service, maximum 100 properties managed, Flat 7% Management fee plus $5 per month post and petties, 1 week let fee.

Prior to setting up Linford Realty, Roy worked with top agencies and has had many years of experience in business, mainly in the building industry in Australia and overseas. Roy has a Diploma in Business- Real Estate management.

He specialises in inner city real estate having lived in Spring Hill for more than 14 years. Houses, land, units, flats, boarding houses, Bed and Breakfast, small commercial properties.

Roy and Ann have bought and sold many houses over the years and have made substantial personal profit.

Ann has been in the Financial Services industry for 15 years. Ann holds a Diploma in Business - Real Estate management, Certificate in Financial Markets from the Securities Institute of Australia and is an Associate of the Financial Planning Association, past President Spring Hill Association.

Let us help you make an informed decision using our expertise to:

Sell a property
Buy a property
Look after your investment property - find tenants, treat your property like our investment property
Help you find very competitive finance.

Whether buying or selling you can benefit from our experience and expertise in property and investment. We can assist you to make an informed decision. In order to invest successfully in real estate you need to research the area that interests you and buy the right property for you. If you are selling then you should entrust your property to someone who will be well informed about the market and assist you to set a realistic price to list the property for sale. If you have an investment property, professional efficient property management, attention to detail is needed all provided at a competitive cost.


To get the latest on interest rates and compare what is on offer, check out the Cannex web site: www.cannex.com.au -and - www.yourmortgage.com.au

CONSIDER THE FOLLOWING and after choosing one or several, consider what are you going to do about it !!!. Remember purchasing a property is probably the largest single investment you will ever make.

What is your No.1 PRIORITY?

1.Extra Income
2.Financial Freedom
3.Have your own business
4.More time
5.Personal development
6.Helping others
7.Meeting new people

Have you picked one? Why that one? Is it important to you? Why? What are the consequences of not having it? Does that worry you? and Why?

Investing in real estate is one of the ways that can assist provides a regular cashflow which is very important when building wealth. The ability to transfer surplus cashflow into purchasing assets is the way to financial independence.

Books to read, "Rich Dad Poor Dad", "Cashflow Quadrant", "Rich Dad's guide to Investing". "The Magic of thinking Big". If I eat another carrot I'll go crazy"

Videos to watch "The Buzz".


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Mob: O414 847 159 Mob: 0414 847 158